Quirky London Christmas Party

Turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas parties

A big dose of quirk is about to drop into London Bridge.

Replace your bog standard sit-down turkey dinner with food sleighs, a banqueting table laid on edible snowand circulating Christmas dinner in tumblers.

“Elsewhere manages to achieve the rare combination of blending huge creative input and a unique perspective on events with an ability to deliver the product on the night. It is for these reasons that we are retuning to Elsewhere for our Christmas party for the third time this year.”

And in the games room there's DRINKO, Rifle Shots and Beer Pong and your group competes to win the all important Golden Tickets which invite you to see Santa. For those lucky people there's the Golden Elves, the JågermeisterChristmas tree, the cocktail grab machine, presents to use later and the all-important photo with Santa.

With a Christmas tree made from 45 old fashioned TVs, broadcasting Christmas classics from Only Fools and Horses to Band Aid and Delia Smith’s Christmas specials.

There’s a room dedicated to the ‘12 Gins Of Christmas’.

And don’t forget to play to win on the cocktail grab machine and duke it out on the beer pong table.

This year it’s time to do things differently…

Life’s too short for ordinary Christmas parties after all!

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Alternative London Christmas Party 2018

Welcome to Santa’s Grotto, your alternative Christmas party in London 2018.

Created by Elsewhere, the Uncorporate Events Company and The Underdog, London Bridge's leading creative venue, we’re on a mission to take your company’s festive do to a new level and blow your Christmas stockings off.

Conveniently located at The Underdog in London Bridge- we’re just a few minutes from London Bridge station- between The Shard and the creative hub of Bermondsey.

No more sit-down dinners this year – our alternative offering of creative and delicious food is delivered by our Executive Chef, Theo Michaels. This year eat your Christmas meal out of a martini glass and enjoy the buffet including edible snow and Santa’s food sleigh tagged by urban artists, id-iom.

The Christmas tree is made from 45 old fashioned TVs, all broadcasting Christmas classics including the Only Fools and Horses Christmas special, vintage Coca-Cola Christmas ads, Delia Smith stuffing a turkey, The Holiday and Band Aid.

And then there's the games- where the games room hosts Rifle Shots and competitive Beer Pong where your group competes to win the all important Golden Tickets which invite you to see Father Christmas.

For those lucky ticket holders there’s the Golden Elves, the 400 bottle Jagermeister tree, the cocktail grab machine, presents to use later and the all-important photo with Santa.

So this year it’s time to find an alternative to all of those traditional offerings. Enjoy your 2018 London Christmas party in style. Enjoy Santa’s Grotto- your cool alternative....

Life’s too short for ordinary.



Go Elsewhere This Christmas

Santa's grotto at THE UNDERDOG - 2018 -

Elsewhere brings groups together though extraordinary experiences.

It's our team, our assets and our production all the way through. Making it uniquely us from start to finish.

And this Christmas we've mobilised the full force of Father Christmas for our big party season at The Underdog, London. Not only do we have a secret Santa's Grotto for groups to find using their golden tickets.

We've got golden elves and cocktail grab machines and a whole armoury of equipment. Our friends and graffiti artists have produced quite a few bits including these fellas.

Stand back, we're coming through......